What if you had a Phenomenal Forex key which will tell you exactly a price reversal points IN ADVANCE. This is how the new "AUTO Fibonacci Phenomenon" FX software works: only highly profitable BuySell signals, arrows, alerts... if there is an icon-clad profit!
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The "Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon" Is No Secret -- The Fibonacci levels are proven and tested, and here they are all right here...yours for the taking! Keep reading to discover exactly how to create a huge monthly income by making a killing from the market REGARDLESS of whether it goes up or down!
In my opinion this is my profitable software ... that's a fact!

The "Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon" is the newest 2012 complete software package that will show you where to enter a trade with simple to understand Arrows and automatic Alerts , where to exit ( 3 advanced levels !) and where to put a stop loss. You don't need to study Fibonacci numbers - everything will be automatically printed "in easy language" on your chart!

Most Traders Do Not Have Any Idea What They Are Doing When It Comes To Fibonacci...

Yes, Fibonacci is a popular-most profitable-most wanted trading system. However, most DO IT WRONG and have zero clue as to proper implementation.

You will be amazed when you see how accurate this is for predicting any price movements... it's simply fantastic!

I am sure what attracted you to visit this site is your curiosity in knowing what
"Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon" is all about and what it can do for you.

What is so special about it you ask? Well, if you consider what is out there to work with, it is pretty special.

"Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon" will take away the decision making process completely! Magic Fibonacci numbers will be printed on your charts as a simple to understand Arrows - Red Arrow = sell, Green Arrow =Buy.
Take profits level automatically alert you by a Popup Alert with sound + email Alert.
Your trading will be amazingly profitable and also very easy... No more worries!

Using these Fibonacci indicators, although useful, is somewhat subjective, slow and cumbersome since you either have to plot Fibonacci retracement or Fibonacci expansion levels manually and separately or have to refresh the custom indicator constantly to plot the new levels.

"Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon" offers is to free you from the burden of having to guess which swings to use or which levels have the highest probability of reversals, and instead it allows you to focus on trade setups.

The Fibonacci system can take the initial move of a market and project out into the future where and when prices are expected to be.

Now you can pump out HUGE profits in just 5 minutes everyday using an embarrassingly simple, proven, plug-in-and-profit software that will zap quick, easy cash into your trading accounts at will...

icon-clad profit - every signal!
 Actual trade screenshot

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How it looks like in action? Here is a screenshot:
Brilliant profit! Brilliant highly profitable signals!
 Actual trade screenshot just added: Feb 02, 2012

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What you need is a system that depends entirely on the use of purely scientific criteria to select winning trades. One that uses cold logic. One that harbors no room for error.

With it...
You don't have to baby sit your trades at all...

You don't use any form of judgment....

You can fit it around your 9 - 5 (if you have one)...

You just spend 5 minutes setting up the software, then let it automatically give you alerts and be off for the day...

...and this is only scratching the surface!

You need no previous internet experience. .

You DO NOT need to work long hours,

You can still do this even if you have a full time day job.

...and you may even be able to match your salary and quit your current job in a matter of weeks...even days!

"Why is 'Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon' any different or any better than all those other products on the market?"

I want to make this perfectly clear...

Everything I'm going to tell you about is based on experience.

Instead of just dwelling on fluff and theory like many other products do, I'm going to tell you exactly how to make yourself wealthy...starting today!

Well, for one main reason...

I've been trading and running websites and creating new Forex products for years and have amassed a considerable amount of money in the process. I know what I am talking about - this is something that has never been so profitable and convenient - it is the very best trading software available on the market today. It makes real money, real profit - your trading will be "fun"!

There are many different Fibonacci indicators which can be found on the web, but they are all hard to understand and use. In addition, for many traders it is still not unclear as to what  Fibonacci retracement is, as well as r1, r2 and other levels. The main idea of this software to take away the decision making process associated with complex Fibonacci principles and allow you to make guided profitable trades.

The "Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon" software is a combination of multiple advanced indicators – ALL in one: Fibonacci levels + a laser accurate trend indicator + a custom alert indicator + a daily high/low and open/close indicator + a trades commentator. This software will give you the power of a professional trader and allow you to magically trade based on Fibonacci levels without learning complicated Fibo courses and books.


“Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon” is
LIKE YOU HAVE A FRIEND – PROFESSIONAL TRADER, who knows EXACTLY where the price will go and tells you "Buy Now", "Sell Now", "Take Profit Now"...  Isn’t it a dream of any trader?

                              /Karl Dittmann/

So, I've noticed that people just want something that can spit out the profits to them. They want it easy. Just plug it into the market, and it spits out the profits. It's like they are looking for some secret code to the market. That's what looking for a completely automated system is. It's looking for the holy grail, and the honest truth is, it doesn't exist. But my " Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon" is very close to that!

Okay, now stay with me here, because there is some really good news here too...

To amass phenomenal profits through Forex Trading with Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon, you don’t need to have any knowledge of Forex trading. Even if you are trading for the first time, your equity will grow in no time. The Forex Market is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon can be used any time. This means that now you too can claim your share of the juicy profit pie!


Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon is designed on nature’s principle of repeating the secret sequence. It captures this secret ratio and applies it to Forex trading. Its a dangerously successful system and that’s the reason it is still undercover for many many traders - Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon software!

But now, the Forex gurus – The giant corporations and the institutions are digging deep in to the pockets of innocent traders. These monsters want to rob the individual traders of the marginal slice of the pie they're enjoying at the moment, so that they can feed their monstrous appetite more and more…. Till the individual traders have nothing left!

Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon works in all markets,
all trades, so you will never miss an opportunity to make BIG gains!

No worries, no stress, no anxiety, or endless hours at your computer!!! Enjoy the life to the fullest and earn maximum returns from the profit laden Forex Market! Yes, this can be the life you wanted…The fortunate few who will be let ‘in’ will experience a huge change in their Forex earning capacity. Their Forex account will grow at colossal rate!

Take my word,
 there is no other system with indicators half as powerful as Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon.


This Forex trading software will get you in complete control of your Life and Finance as well as your Trades soar to unimaginable heights. Whether you rate yourself as a scalper or a swing trader, you will undoubtedly make great winning trades with this tool.

Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon is the best and the only system that will work ruthlessly and crumple any competition to give you wining trades. Forex trading will be revolutionized with Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon.

Before letting out the system, I have tested it with the major currency pairs. Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon uses the secret code and therefore, no matter what currency pair you choose, it will undoubtedly give you big gains, much to the astonishment of those who are trying to steal the last morsel from your mouth right now! It gets extremely lethal when it comes to corner shameless amounts of Pips and shooting down powerful trades, so that you get superb income!

Its a front runner and will give you an edge over others with its Explosive Risk: Reward Ratio. So, while the rest of the bunch makes a small win, you take a giant leap towards increasing your equity. It is super accurate when it comes to signaling.

LEADING & POWERFUL BUY/SELL SIGNAL ARROWS PRINTED ON YOUR CHART: - Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon is designed to make you a killing. It produces only leading and powerful signals so that you don’t get lost in a myriad of tiny profit making trade.

3 TAKE PROFIT LEVELS:  YOU WILL GET A POPUP ALERT + EMAIL ALERT - NEVER MISS THE BEST EXIT POINT....THOSE LEVELS WILL ALSO BE PRINTED ON YOUR CHART + - you get the most out of every trade... "never leave money on the table.."
TIGHT STOP LOSS PRINTED ON YOUR CHART:!.. - Most of the systems out there give you tiny profits but great losses. What good is a system, if the losses are not kept in control? Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon uses a tight stop loss so that your losses, if at all, are kept at the miniscule levels

MINIMIZED RISK!... - Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon protects your equity by minimizing the risks. No more sleepless nights for Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon owners


Fibonacci forex trading is a tool used by experienced traders to help predict the right times to buy and sell without having to follow trends or worry about making the wrong trade at the wrong time. The Fibonacci numbers and formula go back hundreds of years and have been astounding the math, science and art communities of the world throughout that time.

This method and formula have even been used in architectural feats like the pyramids and now available
in a simple to use software mode! You don't have to study and understand Fibonacci at all - all is done by the software!

When this method is applied to the forex trading markets, patterns have developed that can be used to make smart trades even better and help you avoid bad trades making you a more successful trader. Fibonacci formed his numbers from a sequence, but for the financial use they have been converted using a ratio method and instead are used in a decimal form, including.236,.50,.382,.618, etc. Traders are able to benefit from this because of the nature of the market and the patterns that develop in regard to the resistance and support level of the charts.

As most of you know the forex market basically moves in waves and there will be times where the market extends and there will also be time where the market retraces.

One of the best tools that you can use to time this retracement and extension is the forex Fibonacci levels.

So What Exactly Is Fibonacci?

It is a number sequences that is named after Leonardo of Pisa and the Fibonacci number sequences goes like this

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 and so on. (Add the first 2 numbers to get the next)

Imagine doing that manually? Automatic Fibonacci Software will do it for you!



Fibonacci now is Easy to follow... All is Automatic!
 As simple as if A = B do C

Yep, my Fibonacci software is almost perfect. Why almost? The reason is that the holy grail doesn't exist.. :)

And that's good news for you. You see a lot of people believe in this myth ( ROBOTS!) and keep trying it out, and that is costing them money. That money is going into the market, and it's yours for the taking. Trade manually using smart software and signals. No one robot can trade like a human - stay away from trading: on a sideways trends, no trades near the news releases etc...

So, how do you get this money? Well, you could do Fibonacci trading manually. That works. You see, there are too many variables for an system to decipher. But someone who has trading experience can. =============

It's really that easy, and I'd like to show you how to do it.

The trading software of the Year 2012: That is what I call the Fibonacci trading software because of the way it makes traders money. After all that's why you are trading in the foreign exchange market, to make money, increase your income and earnings.

The Fibonacci trading software is based on nature's secret of constantly repeating numbers. Have you heard the saying that history repeats itself because men don't learn from it? And the Holy aptly capture it when it said that there is nothing new under the sun.

This knowledge has been used to produce the Fibonacci system, so that you make money consistently. It is very simple to use. Once you buy it, starting is equally simple.

This system gives results within minutes of starting to trade. It has an excellent risk:reward ratio, think 1:3. So you have nothing to worry about making money using it. What's more Fibonacci uses a tight stop loss insuring minimized loss for you.

MORE ADVANTAGES: The advantages of using this system are many. Let's see a few of them.

1. It's very simple to start and use.

2. It can be used to trade not just forex but also stocks, commodities and bonds.

3. Based on natures secret of constancy, so you make money consistently.

4. Fibonacci works on all brokers with mt4, charts.

5. This system works on any version of Windows.

Disadvantage: If you have learned all the complex indicators and strategies and want to apply it here, you might find it hard as Fibonacci is very simple to use. Unlike others which require complex indicators and analysis tools, I believe that in business and Forex, 'the simpler, the better' so their systems are simple and tested.

It is absolutely  possible to have 9 winning trades out of 10 every single day... All you need is to follow simple the advices printed on your chart (popup alerts, email alerts) - buy/sell here, TP there, SL here....  I
f you've always wanted to make money in trading.. and live the life of your dreams earning money from home - then I have great news for you! I am about to show you the most amazing Fibonacci trick which made over 6 zeros for me, and will give you the limited opportunity to trade with it! But first, let me tell you one secret which all legendary traders know, and 99% of traders have no clue of: Do you know why these legendary traders make millions, while you struggle to keep your head a float? :

They Are Using Only Trading Secrets and secret FX software which is not available to the public!

I'm talking about recent
 hauls of:
- On average 200 in 1 day...
- 1000 pips in 1 week ...

The Results Are Nothing Short Of Amazing
On average 200+ pips every single day!

All you do is:

- Pull up a chart...
- Attach " Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon" software...
- Wait for a BUY or SELL Arrow and/or Popup Alert or Email signal
- Place trades, 3 levels of exit points, Tight Stop loss- Everything will be printed on your chart + you will be automatically alerted by a popup window with sound and email alert

On average, each trade takes me about 15-60 minutes... sometimes less. And I can do this at ANY time of the day -- morning and noon. It doesn't matter: Pockets of cash are always accumulating, waiting, ready to be sucked dry and... I'm Going To Show You How To Scoop Up Your Share!

The "Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon" that:

Generates a lot more profit than any other FX software

Uses No Analytics

Uses No Boring Fibonacci guides

Uses No Auto trading robots

Average profit 15-150 pips per trade

Very tight stop loss - very small risk !

No trading experience required at all

Trade setup requires only 1 minute

Works at any time of the day

Perfect for people with a fulltime job

Around 75+% Winning trades - Stress free



Additional benefits:
 Email Alerts, Popup alerts with Sound:

Easy to setup autotac Email alert:
You can receive automatic EMAIL alert directly to your computer or phone:

You can receive automatic POPUP ALERT with Sound everytime when there
 is a signal: Buy or Sell Arrows or 1 of 3 take profit levels - never miss a trade!

Great... what else I'll get...


Personal help from me ( Karl Dittmann)

Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon software ( ex4 + templates)

Complete Secret/Idea with full details

Full explanation - why Fibo secret works and repeated every day..

Sample trades and results

Money management


Buy via PayPal - feel safe!





Q. Is that an upgrade of your old Fibonacci software, it looks familiar to me?

A. No! It is absolutely different Fibonacci software of 2012 with special features like Buy Sell Arrows, Take Profit Alerts, Email Alerts... never seen before automatic Fibonacci software

Q. What kind of signals will I get?

A. On average you will get 1-5 signals a day on a single pair- everything will be printed on your chart: buy or sell Arrows, stop loss, even 3 advance Take profit levels to maximize your profit. Each time there is a signal ( buy/sell, take profit..) you get a popup alert + email alert!

Q. What do I need to start using the "Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon"

A. You need a basic computer and internet connection to use the system all information for setup is provided.

Q. What platform will the "Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon" run on?

A. MT4

Q. How do I get the software?

A. Instant Download

Q. Does the system use a stop loss?

A. Yes - Stop loss is generated by the software automatically

Q. Can I run on a demo account before I risk my own money?

A. Yes of course, you can run on a demo account for as long as you like until you see that it is making you consistent profits, then you can switch to a real account.

Q. How much money do I need to start trading?

A. You can start with as little as $100 with some brokers, although we recommend a minimum starting amount of at least $250. We can recommend you a broker to you.

Q. Do you provide support?

A. Yes we provide full support both with setting up and implementation of the system, money management issues, technical queries and general trading support.


Q. Are there any monthly fees for your system?

A. No there are absolutely no monthly fees, this is strictly a one off purchase.

Any other questions please don't hesitate to contact me


Note from Karl Dittmann:

You have nothing to worry. I am giving you my CAST IRON Guarantee. You can try this fantastic system for 30 days at no risk. If you do not find this system as splendid as I say, or you think that it doesn’t deliver as per promised, then you are free to claim the entire amount as a refund. Simply send us an email with your request and information what's wrong with the software and we will return the full amount, its that simple!

How Much Will You Pay For Such An
Invaluable, Trading Tool?

Frankly speaking, if I were to match my competitors in terms of pricing, I should be charging you $250 and up for this piece of software. Even at this price, it's a real steal considering how time saving this will be for you in your trading efforts.

But I've decided to give beginners and those who do not wish to pay so much money upfront a chance to get started.

For a limited time (launch days only 3-4 days!) only, my trading software is available for an unbelievable, exclusive price of
$149.95 $96

At this price I'm selling it for, I'm hardly making enough to cover the developmental costs of this software. That's why I should rightfully be raising the price of this software by at least a hundred dollars to breakeven.

But while I'm still pondering on when to do so, can I convince you further by offering an...

Full 30 Days-100% Money Back Guarantee

In other words, you simply can't go wrong by reserving your copy right here, right now.

You have a full 30 days to take my software for a spin. Use it for your day-to-day trades, make as much money as you want from it... and then decide whether it's right for you.

You have whole month to test drive this software absolutely risk free... and in the unexpected event that you do not like it - you can get a  refund. You keep your money if this software does not work out for you.

I'm taking all risk out of your paltry investment of $96 which has the potential to pay you back many times over.

There are no hidden charges or subscription charges. All you pay is $96 and this is just a onetime cost to get lifetime stupendous returns! You get lifetime email support 24/5 from the best support team of traders. These people know the Forex in and out and so, all your queries will be resolved to the fullest, within 12 hours.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee!
Full refund within 30 days of your purchase if you are not happy with this product!




Instant Access - No Waiting!

Special Launch price Offer: $149.95 $96 

A membership to autofibo.com can be ordered anytime!
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Instantly This is a onetime fee only. You will never be re-billed.


24/7 Online Customer Support - Onetime payment - No hidden fees


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